Bakery Story 2

bakery story 2

So for all the great games I have in my house, I’ve somehow become completely addicted to none other than a mobile game. I love to bake, and designing fancy cupcakes is my favourite, and somehow, somewhere I remember seeing an advert to download Bakery Story. So I thought, ok, what the hell, and downloaded it. It was ok, but only ok, but one of the achievements was to download the sequel. It was an easy enough task and I could always delete it after if I changed my mind, but when I got playing it I found I liked it much better – and well, the rest is history. There is a lot of competition among these kinds of games and it still follows the formula of having to wait for things to restock or paying to speed them up, but I’m a patient person, and so I’ve already got a great little cafe building.

There are a range of bakes to make and the progression options and ways you unlock things come at a good pace. The graphics are also adorably cute throughout. The negative, however, is the time it takes to expand your space enough to really go to town on the layout. To fit in as many counters and tables as you can, you end up leaving the place looking a mess. But hey, it’s your bakery to do with as you please, and that’s the main upside really. It’s a casual escape for a long bus journey or while you wait for a friend, and I’ll definitely be re-downloading when I get my new phone in August.


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