Why I’m Hyped for Pokemon Sun and Moon


I’m a long-term fan of the Pokemon games, and recently got to relive my childhood with the digital download of Pokemon Yellow on my Nintendo 3DS. While it’s easy for people my age to say that the old ones were the best and the new ones are just weird, I actually think the opposite. Sure, the difficulty has been reduced, and they are running out of ideas for new creatures, but there have also been plenty of great new innovations added since the glory days, some of which appear to be featuring in the latest installment, out this winter. The new footage shown at E3 just makes the whole thing feel all the more real, and that was pretty exciting. Though we don’t know very much yet, I’m still looking forward to it regardless, and here’s why…



Despite some dodgy designs recently, the new starters are actually super cute. The fire type fan and cat lover in me is leaning towards Litten, but I’m also rather intrigued by Rowlett, the first grass starter to also have the flying type. More in-depth type matches, like Quagsire’s water/ground combo, are sure to add additional strategy to battles.



As sad as it is, one of my favourite things about X and Y was the ability to customise my character and have her looking exactly how I wanted her to. I missed this in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but I do appreciate they were trying to stay true to the original games, so I’ll let them off. It’ll be interesting to see what our options are for this feature.



I love exploring a new region, and with my favourite so far being that of Ruby and Sapphire, the idea of another region focussing largely around water is a welcome addition. Not to mention we’ve never got to live in a tropical paradise before!



I don’t tend to use multiplayer as much as I probably should in Pokemon, except for wonder trading, which claims hours of my time, but the concept behind battle royal shows, if nothing else, that the team are still coming up with fresh ideas to add in to their very set and predictable formula. As we draw closer to release, who knows what other new gameplay elements might be announced?

This Guy


My choice is definitely Pokemon Sun, basically because of this guy. Solgaleo looks amazing, and steel types are so sparse compared to other types. I just know I will feel both powerful and majestic with a giant lion on my team!

It’s A Pokemon Game

They’ve never steered me wrong before, and I’m sure this time will be no exception!


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  1. RE: As sad as it is, one of my favourite things about X and Y was the ability to customise my character and have her looking exactly how I wanted her to.

    It looks like there is a lot less than in X Y. There really is not much variation other than skin tone. Kind of disappointing.


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