Pokemon Go

pokemon-go-bulbasaurSo, I kind of feel like Pokemon Go is a trend everyone is suddenly jumping on, and I find it kind of annoying that people who would usually mock me for playing Pokemon are now doing it themselves, but hey ho – that’s the power of a winning idea and a great social media strategy.

So, Pokemon Go. Well, I haven’t had much of a chance to go far with it yet, as I have a full time job to go to every week, but I’ve been sure to exhaust the route to work, and whenever I’ve popped into town I’ve flipped open the app to see what I could fine. I even caught a slowpoke in the (real) gym. It’s weird how popular this game has already become, but I have to admit that while it’s stupid and my Pokemon are still all super weak, I can’t stop activating this app every time I go anywhere.

Things I like about this app:

  • It is very engaging
  • It is great for nostalgia
  • It encourages you to get out and about
  • The actual Pokemon are super cute

Things I don’t like about this app:

  • An accurate GPS signal and tracking is sometimes hard to get working right
  • You have to have the time to be able to go places if you ever hope to get a decent collection
  • It annihilates your phone’s battery
  • There are literally no instructions or direction/training, so unless you refer to the internet or experiment yourself you won’t actually know how to play the game

    I like to think that given the time and resources to get places that I’d be glued to this thing non-stop, but for a busy person it can kind of grow old really quickly. My collection is currently at a measly 19 Pokemon, but I hope to get the chance to catch even more soon, and hopefully actually come across a gym.

    For those like me who were going in blind, here are a few beginners tips:

  • You can choose your starter. It doesn’t have to be Bulbasaur
  • When you reach Pokestops, swipe to spin the round emblem to get free items such as Pokeballs and Pokemon eggs
  • Don’t be afraid to catch a Pokemon you’ve already caught. It could be a higher level or have better moves, and if not you can transfer it to the professor for candy that can be used for training and evolution

pikachuIt’s kind of worth having seeing as it’s free unless you want to spend loads of many getting extra items, and it’s clearly taken like a dream, but I’m just waiting to see how long it is before everyone grows tired of it. Is this just going to be another fad, or will it actually revolutionize the way we play? I suppose only time will tell.


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