Crossy Road Disney

If you’re not already familiar with the game Crossy Road, it is essentially a mobile and windows game reminicent of classic Frogger. You tap and swipe your phone screen to move your pixelated character through a level filled with various obstacles, to obtain a high score, which is essentially just for bragging rights.

What I discovered last night, however, is that they have made another Crossy Road game, this time completely Disney themed. Whether it’s guiding Buzz or Woody through Al’s Toy Barn, Battling your way through Rapunzel’s Kingdom of Corona or watching Timon run through the African wilderness, there’s something for everyone in this surprising in-depth game. The difficulty has been slightly amped up from the original, and there are some new features and obstacles to keep things interesting, such as step multipliers or oncoming barrels.

crossy road

One of the things I find great is that rather than simply having your one scene, you can unlock different themed levels, each based on a different feature film, with their own high score count and their own playable characters. Some of the themes require more skill and patience than others, and some characters even have special abilities you can put into play.

Another new addition is a new character machine. As you play through Crossy Road, you pick up coins, and coins can be spent on new playable characters. On Disney, in addition to this, you can also work towards completing daily tasks which can reward you with a whole new type of currency, P, that can be used to unlock even more.

I would definitely recommend giving this game a try, especially if you’re a die-hard Disney fan like me. It’s fun, challenging and totally addictive, all at the same time. I know what I’m going to be playing for a while when there are no Pokemon around on Pokemon Go…


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