Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Final Stretch

It’s now only a week until we can play the special demo version of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, featuring Ash Greninja! If the demo version of ORAS is anything to go by, this is sure to be an exciting little taste of what’s to come in the main game next month. The release date still feels like an age away, so I’m really itching to give the demo a go right now.

We’ve learned a lot more about the games since I last wrote about them, and the Festival Plaza and accompanying Poke Pelago seems like a particularly interesting new element. Not to mention of course all the new monsters that have been revealed to us, including the evolutions of the starters, which has helped me to finally make my decision between Rowlett and Litten (All will be revealed once the game is finally out!) and my new favourite Alolan Vulpix. The riding pokemon feature looks like it will be a nice visual touch too, and the camera function of the Poke Finder takes me back to the good old Pokemon Snap days.

Of course, this stuff is all kind of gimicky, and while they add new layers to the gameplay, what I’m really looking forward to is how the story is going to unfold. I’ve recently restarted my Pokemon X save (fear not, I did save my top battlers in the bank) just to tide me over and give my Pokemon fill while we wait. I thought the wait for South Park: The Fractured But Whole was going to be one of the most agonising, especially since its release date has been pushed back, or even the new Legend of Zelda game, but no – it turns out I just want this more, and although we’re now on the home stretch, that finish line is still just out reach…


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