Fantasy Life: A Unique 3DS Title

When I first Fantasy Life a year or so ago, it changed the way I looked at handheld gaming and was almost more enticing to me than Pokemon or Legend of Zelda, which you can probably tell are personal favourites by now. And that’s because Fantasy Life offers so much and can be played either casually or with intensity. It’s basically an RPG in which you can play every class of character.


You’ll need to join a combat class to advance very far, but the beauty of it is that you can also be part of eleven other classes as well, switching between each to finish quests. By trying out every class you can help yourself through the story. Take up woodcutting or mining and then turn your materials into weapons, furniture and armour to kit out your character and your home – and that’s just the beginning. The twelve classes you can choose from are paladin, mercenary, hunter, wizard, miner, woodcutter, tailor, fisherman, blacksmith, carpenter, cook and alchemist, and each one has its own side story, quests and key characters. As you advance through the main story you build on your rankings in these various jobs, creating a well-rounded life in Reveria.


You have recently moved to Reveria, and soon after your arrival a doom stone falls from the sky and through your roof. Your job is to find out what’s causing the stones to fall and stop it, as they turn all the wild creatures evil and violent. The story itself is interesting enough and split into several chapters, and the further you advance, the more areas and options are unlocked. Your main companion, Flutter, on the other hand can soon become very annoying, but we have to put up with her because she’s pretty key to saving the world.


The lands and monsters are vibrant and imaginative and the art style is beautifully executed. Your character can be fully customised and you can recruit your new friends to help you battle. Alternatively, get online and take on bosses with real-life allies.


Already sold? Of course you are, so in that case I’d recommend getting the Origin Island DLC pack with this game as well, as it adds a whole new set of customising options, a larger choice of pets and a whole new area with various perks to discover once you’re done with the main game and reach a certain level. In general, there’s plenty to do while you play your own way and at your own pace. It’s the kind of game that can dwindle away hours of your life as you collect, craft and fight your way to victory. It’s easy enough to learn and almost anyone could play it. Mastering every single life is a more testing challenge of course, but still one that you won’t want to miss out on.


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