The Disney Action Game

My brother lives away now, and he left his Playstation 3 behind to be sold. As I fired it up to test it out, I couldn’t help but notice some old classics installed onto his system. As a child, I absolutely loved action games, and none more than Toy Story 2, and so I knew I had to steal it and give it a last grand whirl before it was gone again.

It was kind of as I remembered, only I’d failed to remember how awkward the controls could be and how utterly infuriating the dodgy camera angles are when you’re trying to aim at something or jump to a small platform – and I know I’ve probably been spoiled by vast bounds in technology over the last few years, but the graphics are certainly something to be desired.

What was refreshing while playing it, however, was more than just the element of nostalgia. It was the format, the way the parts were split into a series of separate levels without the need for a complex over-world, and the fact that in every level you have a series of tasks to complete such as collecting so many hidden coins in exchange for a token.

I entitled this post The Disney Action Game because Toy Story 2 wasn’t the only old game that satisfied this passion. I also played A Bugs Life, Monster’s Inc. Scare Island and 102 Dalmatians, which all followed a very similar format.

Modern action and adventure games are great, and I’m personally a huge fan of the Lego games, for example, but I don’t know. There’s just something about the old themed action game with its different levels, and while more depth and extra gameplay are obviously promising, it just takes away from the charm. I’m just sad that kids today don’t often get to play this kind of game, because they made my childhood (Spyro the Dragon for PS1, anyone?).

In all honesty, Toy Story 2 wasn’t as fun and as exciting as I remembered, but I still kept on playing it and it brought back so many great memories too. If I could buy a game like this today, only with better graphics and controls, I would be all over that. Things have moved on so much, but I’m always open to suggestions of titles I might not have discovered just yet. I guess as much as I love all my games, I just kind of miss the simplicity, that’s all…


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