The mobile game I’m addicted to…

It’s not exactly new and it’s not exactly thrilling, but one of my most addicting games on my phone is a version of the block-filling game Picross from Hungry Cat. Picross is essentially all about using number hints to colour in blocks on a grid that eventually reveal a picture. It sounds confusing, but you soon get the hang of it.

My brother had played Picross games for years, but I first started out playing a Pokemon version off the Nintendo e-Shop, and have since looked for options on my phone. That’s when I found this one. It’s slightly different to the original play style, and I just love how vibrant and adorable it is.

It’s free to play and as well as its sets of ordinary levels, there is a new challenge each week to paint a much larger picture. Sometimes they’re quite random, but you can also have the chance to recreate much-loved characters such as Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro and Mushu from Mulan.

It’s definitely one worth trying if you like puzzles and cute things all wrapped into one!


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