Lara Croft GO


I haven’t played it as an app, but Steam has recently released Lara Croft GO for the PC, so I figured I’d give it a blast on the big screen. It’s probably vastly cheaper on mobile, but as an active PC gamer, this just seemed like the obvious choice for me. It is a great little puzzle game, complete with atmospheric background sounds and beautiful graphics. As a casual game, it works perfectly. It’s got the feel of a Tomb Raider story, only without the action.

Instead, Lara Croft GO is rather relaxing to play at a comfortable place, with no devastating consequences if you die mid-level. In some ways this makes it fairly easy, but you’re going to mess up a few times before you figure the correct solution to some of the stages, so it’s actually quite handy. This doesn’t mean the whole thing is a breeze, however. While parts are fairly straight-forward, some rooms can take a lot of figuring out, adding that extra ounce of difficulty it needs to remain engaging.


If you find you are stuck on one room for a long time, there is a hint feature to help you out – though be warned. By “hint” this actually means “walkthrough”, and so it will tell you every single exact step to take until you switch it off again. So if you’d like to keep trying to figure things out for yourself, avoid this option.

The main thing I simply can’t get away from after playing Lara Croft GO is how genuinely enjoyable it is for such a simple concept, and once again the graphics and transitions between rooms are just gorgeous to look at. My main criticism has to be that it’s too short and left me wanting more, though I did go back to try and hunt down the treasures I’d missed on each journey first time round, and managed to complete some pretty cool artifacts.


Overall, I am genuinely impressed at the care that has gone into crafting this game, and would recommend it to those kinds of players who just like to sit back and chill out a little, especially if it crops up in a sale.  I just hope we get a chance to immerse ourselves in more additional levels as time goes on, because I’m not quite ready to call it quits just yet.


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