A week of reviews: Fire


Concluding my week of Christmas Sale reviews, today’s Steam review is for Fire, a puzzling adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment. I’m a huge fan of titles such as Deponia (which everybody should play by the way) and Edna and Harvey, so I always welcome a different game from the same creators. Fire is very different from these games, but in the right context, this works.

It’s beautifully mastered and built on simplicity, with no dialogue. Instead, you play as a caveman, working your way through various worlds collecting fireflies. Each short level offers a brand new point-and-click puzzle, with interesting results. The imagination and love that has gone into Fire is as impressive as the general look and feel, and while I’ve not got too far, I’m really enjoying it. Some of the solutions are slightly obscure, but that just adds to the drama.

In a word, Fire is a great little game for fans of the casual puzzle adventure genres, and one that will genuinely touch your heart.


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