The Return of Pokemon Platinum

starter_pokemon_-_pokemon_platinumSo I was recently going through all my old DS games, and I happened across my Pokemon ones. Now, I haven’t touched these since I got my 3DS, and that was years ago now, while I was still at university, in fact. So I decided to remind myself what I was missing out on with Platinum. The save file was erased and I switched it on to start a new game.

Now, I don’t remember much about this generation, or about the Black/White era either, so I was intrigued to see how things would play out. And I have to say, I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t have the raw thrill that the revolutionary Red and Blue had, and it doesn’t have the impressive graphics and mechanics seen in X and Y or Sun and Moon. It’s one of those in-between titles that shouldn’t really mean much to me. And yet I’m still getting on with it surprisingly well.

It’s not a generation that’s particularly celebrated or talked about, or listed as peoples’ favourite, and I think that’s a shame, because at the end of the day it’s still just as well-thought-out as any other Pokemon adventure. And the extra underground mini-game of digging for fossils was an interesting experiment too, and actually one of the parts I missed the most when playing the later games. And the distortion world and the resort/villa were more interesting elements that I had actually completely forgotten were even a thing.

It’s so easy to discard our old games and focus on the new all the time, but every now and again, going back can reopen a whole part of your memory and imagination that would have otherwise been lost forever – and to me, that’s a pretty special moment to experience…


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