The Nintendo Switch


So, I’ve just got round to watching the Nintendo Switch Presentation first broadcast this week, and I have to say, I’m surprisingly impressed.

There’s always a fear with new Nintendo hardware that while innovative, the gimmicks often overtake the actual selection and quality of games. Still, I loved the Wii and now I love the 3DS – and I still have my old Gamecube stashed away somewhere. I missed out the WiiU as I just wasn’t sure it was worth it, but this time round, I’m beginning to think maybe it’s time to give Nintendo home consoling another go.

The presentation offered us up a lot of new information, both about how the console and its controls work, and about a selection of the games we should expect to be released. The system of controls is interesting to me, especially as I never experienced the WiiU Gamepad. The idea of playing on the big screen and then not having to stop when I move away is great – and in a way I’m more at home with a handheld console anyway. I’m also interested in seeing just how real the motion and rumble features within the controller actually feel.


Of the two games showcased to play with this technology further, one stood out more than the other. I didn’t really get 1 2 Switch, the first demonstrated, but the second, Arms, actually looks like it could be a lot of fun, fighting in a boxing style, only with extendable added for extra strategy and precision.


Still, these games are probably, ultimately, going to end up at the bottom of the pile, with the likes of Wii Sports and Nintendo Land, as players opt for the more immersive titles that appear to be on their way.

In terms of games, naturally I’m dying to get my hands on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but now I’m almost more excited for Super Mario Odyssey, as I’ve missed the days of running around freely in a 3D environment, and find it interesting that it is set at least partially in the real world.


A game that also piqued my interest was something new that I’ve not heard of yet – Project Octopath Traveler. Square Enix have a great track record in my opinion, and seeing something that throws graphics out of the window in a return to old-style side-scrolling RPG gaming is great. It makes a nice change, is what I’m saying.

Not all of the third party stuff drew me in, however. Personally, I don’t think bringing Fifa, for example, to Nintendo is an especially wise move. If it gets Sony and Microsoft players interested in Nintendo, then great, but I still believe that these types of titles need to stay with other consoles, as they will always be the preferred platform. Still, more games to choose from can never really be a bad thing, I suppose.


I became interested again as the video worked through snapshots of some of the other games planned for the system, and it genuinely looks to be a pretty expansive and diverse library. Of course, the usual suspects such as Mario Kart appeared, and we got a glimpse of familiar scenes from the likes of Minecraft, Dragon Quest, Rayman and Sonic the Hedgehog. But it’s also nice to see some unfamiliar scenes as well, and I wonder what we’re going to see from those games.


All in all, I feel that the Nintendo Switch has definite promise and potential, but only time will tell if it will step up to the success of the Nintendo 64, or fall flat like the WiiU. Personally, I really hope it is the former. As a long-standing fan of Nintendo, it would be great to see them climbing the ladder to the top of the gaming market once more – that is if we can afford to buy the games, of course…

Feel free to share your thoughts on the next big home-gaming system in the comments below.


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