Fire Emblem Heroes

fire emblem heroes

Fire Emblem (FE) Heroes has finally been released on Android and iOS, and it’s safe to say it’s already claimed hours. It is pretty short, at least right now, which kind of sucks, but there are plenty of additional challenge modes outside of the main story to sink your sword into – and for a free game, you can’t really ask for much more. But what is it?

FE Heroes is essentially a turn-based strategy game, with complex enough mechanics for experienced gamers to play with while being simple enough for even a complete newbie to pick up. You can play as a number of well-known Fire Emblem characters from games past, summoning more powerful heroes that you can level up as you go along.

Each playable character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s your job to move them around the board and set them up to attack foes based on this. For example, if you send a blue character up against a red character you have an advantage, but if it’s a green character you’re taking on you could be setting yourself up for more damage than you can deal back.

The story itself is pretty simplistic, but what is important in this is the combat stages, which make up the bulk of the player experience. Also, you can take part in other modes such as duels, finish monthly quests and train up new warriors in special standalone stages. Orbs are collected for completed story stages, and these can be spent on summoning new heroes or decorating your castle. Your stamina will drop with each stage you play, but thankfully this refills reasonably quickly, and you can use spare orbs to give it a boost too, meaning you’re not having to stop every five minutes only to wait three hours to be able to go again.

All in all, this game really has impressed me. It’s fun and fantastically addictive; a genuine triumph.


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