Ever Oasis

Ever Oasis received many a rave review, but I can honestly say it seems kind of overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent RPG – strangely addictive and utterly charming – but so far it’s failed to really wow me, to particularly stand out.

Ever Oasis offers a bit of everything – simulation in the Oasis creation and shop stocking, farming in the garden, and real-time combat dungeon crawling. In order to create a thriving Oasis as chief, you must take on the desert and the chaos that is consuming it.

The characters are cute but simple beings called Seedlings, and the more requests you fulfill, the more your Oasis can grow. That’s about it, really. As I said, it’s fun and time-consuming, but there’s no real thrill or tension to mix it up.

The dungeon crawling is definitely the best and most immersive element of the game, as you and your party take on the desert and its many caves. Each character has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and so you have to switch between them to fight certain enemies and complete certain puzzles. Anything you collect along the way can be sold or traded to the shops, keeping everything running smoothly back in the Oasis.

There’s nothing with wrong it as such; it’s a well-rounded, pretty RPG. It’s just not one that keeps me up all night or particularly stays in my memory when it’s not already sitting firmly in my 3DS.


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